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The Sahm rule: I created a monster

Economic policy for all Americans

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Ban the Phillips Curve

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Another week of data with more signs that we are on a path to lower inflation next year.

What's up with wages?

Inspirational economics

Looney Tunes is not macroeconomics

Burden of proof is on the inflation hawks now

Inflation due to Covid and war in Ukraine shows us the limits of monetary policy

Happy Thanksgiving

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Get money to people in recessions, high inflation or not

Fed, speak softly and carry a big stick — you will go far

Congress must rein in the Fed

Be the change in economics

Credibility crisis at the Fed ain't inflation

Buckle up: the worst is yet to come

Five facts about inflation

Celebrate Labor Day by fighting for workers

A far greater pain beyond our borders

The Fed is firmly in the 'whatever it takes' mode of its long-standing risk management plan

Friday Macro Unwind - August 19

The best way to solve a labor shortage is with labor

The future of forward guidance

"Softening in labor market conditions" will hit millions of workers and their families hard

Friday Macro Unwind - July 22

Recession: medicine that's worse than the disease

Anchors away

Was Jobs Day a good day for the Fed?

Sending money to kids didn't cause high inflation

The dark side of a data-driven Fed

Don't make the Fed go it alone on inflation

Congress and the White House must 'move heaven and earth' to get gasoline prices down!

In Fed we trust

Fed Chair Powell's press conference is your best chance at understanding where the Fed is headed

We are not in a recession, nor is one inevitable.

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Lessons from the 1960s for the Fed?

Is inflation coming down in a "clear and convincing" way?

Unemployment affects everybody too

What's up with inflation? And how can we do better next time?

Part 3: The new leaders for the Fed, Governor Lisa Cook

Inflation and U.S. Monetary Policy

It's 2022, not 1972 - Addendum

It's 2022, not 1972

Don't tell people how to feel about inflation.

Signs of spring. Signs of hope. Let's get inflation down and nurture our garden.

Rules are made to be broken

Bury Putin and Covid! ... and get gas prices down


All the rumors are true, yeah. We can afford it!

My reflections on a shameful week in economics.

Listen to Joe Manchin: keep pushing

Part 2: The new leaders for the Fed, Vice Chair for Supervision Sarah Bloom Raskin

Part 1: The new leaders for the Fed, Chair Jay Powell and Vice-Chair Lael Brainard

The ‘New Fed’ and the Outlook for 2022

The New Fed is here. Why is it historic?

Jain Family Institute Launches a New Macroeconomic Research Initiative

Mind and body: Mental health is physical health

Emily Oster is making strong claims about Omicron and schools based on weak data

What should #macromom write about in 2022? I am looking for your advice.