#macromom would like your advice

I am trying to decide if I should write regularly on here and make it a part-time gig. As readers, you are the best people to ask. So, what do you think?

Should I do more with my Stay-At-Home Macro Substack?

If so, I would post twice a week for paid subscribers and a few times a month for everyone. Paid content would be on the Fed, fiscal policy, and macro conditions, largely comparable to my interviews, opinion pieces, and research notes.

I am thinking $10 per month, since that seems to be about the going rate for econ Substacks. Free subscriptions to students and research assistants.

Good idea? Bad idea? Other ideas? Leave a comment below or send me an email at stayathomemacro@gmail.com.

I will share my expertise, judgement, and love of people. I worked over a decade at the Federal Reserve Board and a year at the Council of Economic Advisers. I am well trained; my Fed ‘decoder ring’ is topnotch; and I make ‘money charts’ like the one below. I will also bring you new voices. Policy advice is best when it draws on a diverse community of experts and centers on the people in the world who our policies affect.

Finally, I will focus on what I think you should know about. I will not waste time on why I disagree with someone else’s analysis. Abuse of data and bad macro make me sad. I do not want to be sad. I do not want you to be sad.

So, should get serious about my Substack?