Good writing matters in economics!

Research papers are how many economists share what they have learned with the world. Here is my advice on how to write them well.

In today’s post, I share my advice for writing economic research papers, especially the so-called “job market papers” that students write at the end of their PhD studies. Good communication matters, and it’s a skill that everyone can learn.

See my video and slides. These are tips that I have collected during my twenty years in economics—from research assistant to researcher and economic policy advisor.

In the past two job market cycles, I have reviewed over 40 job market papers in macroeconomics. My favorite mentoring project! I also have also held two writing workshops for students. This advice is the best advice I have. Others may have different advice. Please add suggestions or further questions in the comment section.

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. I learned much about good communication of research from Greg Mankiw, Matthew Shapiro, David Card, Jon Schwabish, and several scholars outside economics. Thank you!