So what’s Stay-At-Home Macro?

I LOVE economic policy and I LOVE people. I became an economist, because I believe economics can do good in the world. I also know our profession is a work in progress, and it will take ‘blue sky thinking.’ To do my part, I try to use all my platforms, including this Substack.

The name, Stay-At-Home Macro, is a play on my name, Sahm. I am also a mother of two and since fall 2020 am self-employed at home, so I am also a legit SAHM.

More About Me: I am the founder of Stay-at-Home Macro Consulting, a Senior Fellow at the Jain Family Institute, and a regular contributor at Bloomberg Opinion. My policy and research expertise is in macroeconomics, consumer spending, and household finance. I even have my own Rule! I created the "Sahm Rule," an automatic trigger for stimulus checks in recessions. I worked at the Federal Reserve Board from 2007 to 2019 as an economist, including one year at the Council of Economic Advisers. Since leaving the Fed in 2019, I have worked with members of Congress and their staff on fiscal policy. I am particularly proud of my advising on the stimulus checks during the Covid-19 crisis and proposals for more automatic stabilizers for unemployment insurance. My PhD in economics is from the University of Michigan in macro and labor, and my bachelor’s degree is in economics, political science, and German is from Denison University.

I am deeply committed to supporting more diversity and inclusion in economics. Your financial support here will support my efforts, My interview with Barron’s sums it up:

To do good policy, we need to ask tough questions and understand the reality of many Americans. Few people have a seat at the table when policy makers are given advice; people affected by the policy need to be represented in the room when the advice is room.

One way I support those goals is mentoring our next generation of economists and amplifying the scholars and experts who economics has traditionally marginalized. I’m also committed to creating supportive work environments and fighting stigma against mental health conditions. I do not pull punches, as you can see on my macromom blog, especially, my “economics is a disgrace” post.

So, come along on me on this journey to build a better economics, one that works for everyone. #goteam. I welcome your comments, questions, and ideas for posts at

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